Which is the Best Bicycles for your Kids?

I was recently at the New York City Bike Summit, and as I was waiting for the first keynote speaker to arrive, a man walking up behind me said, “Hey, my wife’s biking for the day.”

 “It’s great, she’s awesome,” I replied.

 He said, “You should come out for the ride.”

I laughed.

 It was so surreal to see a man who knew his bike so well, so intimately, and so well as a woman who had never ridden in her life, who was just trying to get out and do something fun for her kids.

“She loves to ride,” said my coworker, who had ridden with her as well.

It’s not often that a woman of color is invited to a bike summit, but this is one that is so rare.

I felt lucky that I was one of only a handful of white women in attendance.

Bike Summit attendees were welcomed with open arms and free coffee, and while some people didn’t have their own bikes, they had plenty of options.

As I walked away from the summit, my coworking partner, who has a daughter of hers in second grade, said, “I think my wife will love this.”

The bike summit is a very diverse gathering of people who are all trying to do their part to help make biking safer and more fun for everyone.

For a woman, this is a chance to be a part of a group that is working towards making biking more accessible to everyone. 

“I want to encourage women to come out to the bike summit and try to help out with whatever we can,” said Jessica, who is a third-generation cyclist.

When I asked her about her experience, she told me, “I think a lot of women have never had the chance to ride with other women and not feel like they have to go through the same thing.

That is so important, and it’s been amazing.”

If you’d like to participate in this Bike Summit program, be sure to email or call the Bike Summit Team at [email protected]

To get involved with Bike Summit’s outreach efforts, visit www.bikesummetalk.org and email Bike Summit or call 617-292-7889.

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