What you need to know about the $3 million project to improve bicycle safety in Ontario

The province is funding a $3.8 million project called Bicycle Training Wheels that aims to improve safety on the streets of Ontario.

It’s part of a new national pilot project called CycleSafe, launched last month.

The province has been using $3 billion from the federal government to expand cycling infrastructure in Canada.

The project aims to help people get back to a normalcy of riding a bicycle on their own streets, said Dr. Michael Tanguay, a spokesperson for the provincial cycling agency.

The province has funded about $3,500 for bike infrastructure projects in Ontario since 2013, according to a spokesperson.

The goal of the program is to get people back on the road, Tanguary said.

Bicycle training wheel designs and technologies have been around for a long time, but this is the first time they’ve been funded to help keep people safe on the roads.

The wheel technology was developed by the University of Toronto’s Department of Civil Engineering and the Canadian Institute of Technology in partnership with Ontario’s Department for Transportation and Infrastructure, according the website for the program.

The idea is to have the wheels work together to make the bike easier to ride on, so you can cycle safely.

There are four types of training wheels in the project, with different sizes for children, seniors and adults.

The wheels also have sensors that can detect and measure road hazards like speed bumps, according Tanguoy.

A bicycle trainer will wear the training wheels on their head for a week, giving them a chance to ride around in the environment, and test the system on themselves, according a news release from the province.

The wheels can be adjusted to a certain length, and can be rotated to simulate the shape of a bicycle wheel.

Bike safety training wheels have been tested in cities around the world, but they have yet to be rolled out in Ontario, Tromey said.

The city of Toronto and the University are partnering on the project.

It will be funded by a $10 million federal grant.

The funding comes on top of $1.8 billion in provincial grants and provincial funding from last year.

Ontario is the only province that has been awarded the money.

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