What to expect from a bike race at the marathon?

On Monday, I attended a training session for the Delhi Marathon in New Delhi.

It was a marathon that had been planned since last year, but I didn’t know which of the two cities it would take place in.

A few hours after the training session ended, I met my friends in New York and were told that it was going to be held in a different city, Mumbai. 

The event is being held at the MCC stadium in Mumbai.

This is the first time the Indian capital has been a marathon venue.

It is a popular venue for marathon races, and is often the place where athletes are expected to finish.

The first-ever Delhi Marathon was held in 2011, when the city hosted the world’s second-biggest marathon after the Boston Marathon. 

I decided to go for a race, even though I didn. 

“I’m not in any hurry, but it was still a good chance to meet some of my old friends,” I said. 

My friend Kishan Yadav (right) and I are in our third year of running the Delhi marathon.

They were both part of the team that took on the marathon in 2016.

The Indian team of 25-year-old Anupam Pathan and 20-year old Prashant Singh were the only ones who made it to the final. 

We didn’t have any sponsors. 

When I first arrived in New Jersey, I told my friend Raghav Sharma (right), “We’re going to do this marathon, and I want you to go first.” 

“We’ll see,” he said, smiling.

I was already on my way. 

After I arrived in the city, I decided to run the marathon.

I decided that it would be a great chance to learn about Indian marathoners. 

On Monday, I ran a marathon with my friends from Delhi, Mumbai and New York, in front of a crowd of people. 

Our race was about 8km (5.8 miles) long and was held at a stadium where the Indian national team is expected to take on the U.S. team in the marathon on Sunday. 

It is the second-largest marathon in India. 

During the last five years, Delhi has been hosting the marathon and the city is the third-largest city in the country after Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

It has a population of over 20 million and is the capital of Gujarat state, which is located on the Arabian Sea. 

This is the fourth year the Indian marathon will be held at MCC Stadium in Mumbai, and the first for the city. 

In the years since the race was planned, the city has seen many developments. 

Mumbai is home to the country’s biggest cinema, and it has been built to accommodate the crowds that make up Indian football matches. 

Indian athletes have also competed in many sporting events, and Mumbai hosts the annual Olympic Games, which attract about 150,000 athletes from around the world. 

Despite the big events, I was nervous about what would happen if I made the mistake of running too fast.

I told Raghad Sharma (left), who was with me on my race, that I was going faster than everyone else. 

Raghad told me, “I’ve seen this race before.

You should be faster than all the runners.” 

I was so nervous, I didn’st even think about running too far. 

Once I made it into the stadium, I saw about 1,000 spectators milling around outside. 

As soon as I got there, the crowd began chanting my name and cheering for me. 

At one point, a fan asked me what was going on. 

But, I explained that I had just started the marathon, so I wasn’t worried. 

Another fan asked, “So, who are you?” 

“Yeah, I’m a student,” I replied. 

While my friends were busy cheering me on, I started to feel a little bit scared. 

Suddenly, the atmosphere started to change.

Everyone was staring at me.

I asked, “Who are you?

Why are you staring at you?”

The fans started shouting,  “We know you’re a student.

You are a student.” 

As they shouted, I felt a bit uncomfortable. 

Then, I noticed some people on the sidelines were looking at me too.

I looked over to see who they were. 

A young girl came up to me and started asking me questions. 

She asked,  “What are you doing?” 

I responded, “, I am training to be a runner.” 

The girl then told me that she had seen me run in a marathon before. 

I then realized I was not supposed to be here. 

Some of the spectators on the field were looking around, and some were laughing. 

One of them even asked me

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