Bikes in the saddle: New bike hire program boosts cycling and cycling culture

Bikes are a key part of the cycling culture, with many people commuting to work on the back of them.

In fact, according to the Bicycle Industry Association, more than 80% of all new bike sales are to the public. 

But many new hire bikes do not come with an onboard computer, and some even do not have pedals. 

A few new hire bike manufacturers are offering a new bike that comes with a computer, a screen and a touchscreen. 

One of the first is the Bike to Work Bike from bikepacking brand Pivot. 

This bike can be bought with a smartphone, tablet or laptop and it can also be plugged into a smartphone. 

Its a simple and fun bike, and it comes with some nifty features like a screen on the handlebars, an integrated GPS, Bluetooth connectivity and more. 

The Bike to Work bike has been designed with an all-new design and features, including a touchscreen, integrated GPS and a built-in bluetooth connection. 

We were keen to try it out.

We had a chat with the Bike to Watch team about what makes the Bike To Work bike different to other bikes on the market. 

What’s the point of this bike? 

A bike to work is a great way to get away from your commute and have some time for cycling.

The bike has to be in a position where it can fit comfortably in the back pocket of your jeans, or in your bag.

It’s a bike that you want to be able to go out for the weekend and bike all the way home, so it can easily fit in your back pocket. 

Do I need to be a bike lover? 

You will not have to be an avid cyclist to benefit from the Bike  to Work Bike.

It has the same bikepacking features that you would find on a traditional bike, including pedals, screen and buttons, an LCD screen and LED lights. 

Why buy a Bike To Bike? 

It’s the perfect bike for people who want to spend more time commuting, and a bike to bike option is a fantastic way to give people who commute a break from their busy commute a new way to commute. 

How much does it cost? 

The bike to ride is available in a variety of colours and styles, but the BikeToWork Bike costs $1,400.

That’s almost £1,600 in the UK, or £1.70 in the US. 

Does the bike come with a screen? 


Can I buy it with a phone? 


Is the Bike available in all weather conditions? 

There is a screen available, but it is not waterproof and you can only buy it in winter. 

Will I need a computer? 

When you buy a bike from a bike hire company, you get a laptop, tablet and a screen, which is all you need. 

Are there GPS sensors on the bike?


Should I buy a second bike?

 Yes, if you’re willing to pay more.

If you want the option of purchasing the bike with a laptop and screen, you can purchase a second Bike To Work Bike for £1 in the same colours as your first Bike To  bike.

Where can I find more information about bike hire? 

Here’s a list of bike hire companies around the world. 

Where can you buy the Bike At Work Bike?

The Bike To work bike can also be purchased from the bikepacking company Pivotal Bikes, which has a website and Facebook page for those looking to learn more about the bike to travel. 

If you’re looking for more information on bikes, you should check out the Bikes In The Saddle blog, which provides a wide range of bike related information. 

Did we miss a bike?

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