Which is the best car for your commute?

Updated June 29, 2018 14:18:58 There are many different options for getting around Sydney’s city centres.

But which car is best for you?

What do you need to know?

ABC Sydney reporter Tom Moulds talks to Transport for NSW managing director Mark Brown about the latest car and bike news.

Transport for Sydney Managing Director Mark Brown tells Tom Murns about the state of the transport network in Sydney and why it’s crucial to have a car for daily commutes.

Tom Mankill: Transport for New South Wales has a lot of good news for commuters in the lead up to the state’s new car and bicycle laws coming into effect on July 1.

But it’s not just about safety, it’s about what’s on your commute, Tom.

Mark Brown: It’s important to have both, for safety reasons, and it’s important that you have both for your wellbeing.

And it’s a very good question, because you’re a driver.

And in the car, you can be more comfortable.

Tom: It may sound silly, but what’s the biggest difference between the two?

Mark: They’re different types of bikes.

They’re not the same, and the way they’re made.

You need to have the right kind of tyres and you need a bike that can handle the high speeds that they are going to get.

Tom is riding a brand new bike, which is an early model of the brand new Kawasaki Ninja 300.

Mark: And it has a very lightweight frame, which allows you to use the bike for a lot longer periods of time.

Tom’s bike is a Kawasaki GSXR750RR, which weighs just 434g.

It’s equipped with Shimano’s hydraulic disc brakes.

Mark says the GSXr750RR has an incredible handling feel, but that it’s also incredibly light, with just over 10 kilograms of weight.

Tom also rides a KTM XC250, which has a similar handling feel to the GSxR.

Mark explains that KTM’s XC 250 is lighter, but has an engine with a very powerful motor.

Tom has ridden this bike for about 20 hours.

Mark, what are the biggest differences between the bikes?

Mark has ridden the KTM and the Kawasaki.

Tom, I’m on a budget, I’d like to know more.

Mark points to the Kymco seat.

Mark tells Tom he needs a seat that’s light enough, but can handle long, hard rides.

Tom responds, I can ride this seat.

I can get on the bike and get to work.

Mark is also using a Kymcote seat.

Tom says he prefers the Kyco seat, which doesn’t feel as comfortable as the Kmco seat but does have more support and support.

Mark agrees, and he rides it with the Kynox seat.

He also uses a Shimano Ultegra hydraulic disc brake, which gives him a bit more control over the bike.

Tom was also using the Klydek seat, but he prefers a different type of seat.

A Kymczod seat, Mark tells us, has a lower centre of gravity, and its a bit wider.

Tom agrees with this.

Mark also likes to ride his bike on a set of Shimano M600 pedals.

Tom rides the bike with Shimos Kymca wheels, which have a much lower centre.

Mark uses his bike with an M300 wheelset, which are made from carbon fibre.

Mark was also riding his bike using a set from Shimano.

Tom and Mark have also ridden the new Kymfon seat, a set which has less seat tube clearance than the Shimano and Shimos.

Tom told Tom he liked the M600 seats, but the M300s weren’t that comfortable.

Mark told Tom it’s an option for someone who wants to ride more, and Tom said he preferred the Kysk seat.

What about comfort?

Tom is pleased with the comfort of the seat, and feels he’s had no complaints.

Tom said it’s more comfortable than the standard seat, as well as the standard pedals.

Mark thinks it’s pretty good for a commuter bike.

Mark’s ride took him about 45 minutes.

Tom rode about an hour.

Mark describes how he rode his bike in the city, which was a bit slow for the average rider, but in the hills, he’s got a great feeling for the road.

Mark said the seat has a bit of grip, and that the pedals feel very well balanced.

Mark described how the seat felt good in all weather conditions.

Mark then said that his favourite part of riding his bicycle was when he got on the road, because he’s always on the look-out for traffic.

Mark rode his motorcycle on a busy street, where traffic was not a problem.

Mark rides his bike all day, every day, Tom says.

Tom does ride his bicycle to school, Tom rides his motorcycle to school on weekends, Tom has a daily

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