Kent Bicycle Shed, a bicycle rental company, opens a new location in downtown Dayton

Kent Bicycle Shed has opened a new bike rental and bike-share shop in downtown downtown Dayton.

The company said on Twitter the new location will open at the corner of North 12th Street and West 15th Avenue in a former parking lot.

Kent said the new shop will have a bike parking lot, a restaurant and two bike trailers.

Kent is a registered bicycle rental service provider and bike rental company.

Its website has more than 500,000 members and a Facebook page with nearly 15,000 followers.

Kent Bicycle Shing said it hopes to add about 150 bicycles to the existing space and is partnering with a local nonprofit to do so.

Kent added the new store will offer “unique” and “fresh” food.

Kent Bike Shed is an Oakland-based bicycle rental and bicycle-share company that operates out of the Kent, Ohio, area.

The new location is the first to be opened in the Dayton area, according to the company’s website.

Kent has been one of the first bike rental companies in the country to open a bicycle shop.

In 2016, Kent became the first Ohio bike rental service company to open its own shop, which has a parking lot in a downtown Dayton shopping mall.

The store is the only bike rental shop in the state to be located on a shopping street.

Kent’s website has a Facebook and Twitter page, where it has been posting updates on the new Kent Bicycle Shanty.

Kent was founded in 1997 by Ken Ritchey, a former member of the Ohio State University’s basketball team.

Ritcheys son, Joe, who is also a member of Kent’s basketball basketball team, joined the company as a staff member in 2015.

Kent hired a chef in 2018 to work at the shop.

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