How to stop being a biker: The best things you can do to prevent injury

Bikers are more likely to be killed and injured on a bicycle than pedestrians, but it’s not always the case.

There are some simple steps you can take to protect yourself against becoming one.1.

Always wear helmets.

It’s not just helmets, but also protective gear like gloves, boots, long pants and a head helmet that you can wear all day long.2.

Make sure you’re not distracted by other road users.

There’s a reason people are often referred to as “bikers,” so if you’re getting distracted by someone on a bike, don’t ride in the same lane as them.3.

Always stay on the shoulder.

It is important to stay on your shoulder.

If you have to turn, keep your back straight and keep your eyes on the road.

If there’s a stop sign, make sure to use the stop sign.

If the street is busy, stay at least a few feet away.4.

Don’t turn left or right on a narrow road.

You may be tempted to do so.

But when it comes to a wide road, you can still have an accident.

On a wide street, drivers may be more likely than cyclists to drive on the right side of the road and at an intersection.5.

Be sure to follow the rules of the roads.

There may be no signage, no traffic lights and no speed limits.

But if there are signs, be sure to obey them.6.

Use the right hand to push the pedal.

Drivers should not overtake a cyclist unless they are clearly ahead of them, even if it’s the bike.7.

Avoid weaving and weaving in traffic.

If a cyclist is weaving in the middle of the intersection, he’s weaving in slow motion and may be in a dangerous position.8.

Ride in a straight line.

Bicycles can be difficult to steer in slow traffic.

Riding in a circle makes it easier for drivers to read you and to keep up with you.9.

Don ‘t ride too close to other cars.

Pedestrians should be able to get between you and other vehicles safely.10.

Don’ t stop and wait for the light to change.

If an intersection is closed, be ready to cross at any time, and you may be forced to do a stop if you feel unsafe.11.

Ride safely at night.

Many cyclists ride in an area known as a “no man’s land,” where cars often cross the road without signaling.12.

Use your hands for traffic signals.

Don t get distracted by the lights, the horns, or the honking of passing cars.13.

If something goes wrong, report it to the police.

If someone runs over you, call 911 and report the crash to the local police department.14.

Make the most of your time on the roads by getting out of your vehicle and taking a rest.

If it’s your first day on the job, you may want to take a walk or ride your bike around the block.15.

If your job requires you to work during the day, be patient.

If this is your first job, it’s best to get out of the car and go for a walk before you start work.16.

Never ride a bike if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

If anything happens, don’ t take the chance of losing your child.17.

If in an accident, you need medical help, call the emergency room first.

The closest medical facility is usually in a car, so call 911 first.18.

If at any point you are in a vehicle accident, call for help.

Don a helmet and take a seat.19.

Ride with a lighted taillight.

If they’re not visible at night, you will be able see the road ahead.

You will also be able get out and make the most out of any accident.20.

Don th e road more.

Many of the signs are designed to help you find your way and keep you safe.

But in the dark, you’re more likely t o be distracted.

If you have any questions about bicycle safety, contact a local law enforcement agency, the American Bicyclist Association or the American Red Cross.

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