How to start a new life

The birth of a child, a marriage, the loss of a loved one, a job loss, a divorce, the death of a close friend or loved one…there are times when life is difficult for many of us.

For these, the journey begins in a place of comfort and trust.

It’s often a place where we can share our stories and share our joys and sorrows with others. 

We may also want to ask ourselves, How am I living today? 

As the saying goes, life is not just about you.

It is about the people who have come before you, the people you love and the people whose lives are impacted by the journey.

Here are 10 of the most important lessons we can learn from the birth of our children.


When you are young, do something about your fears When we are young and full of wonder, the fear of losing our innocence and innocence is always there.

As a child grows up, we are expected to be a bit more cautious, to be more vigilant.

We need to be able to cope with the uncertainties and the challenges of the day and to be capable of taking charge of our lives. 

In order to live the life that we want to live, we need to do something about our fears.

The best way to tackle the fear is to be honest with ourselves.

Ask ourselves what has made you afraid and ask yourself if you have ever had the same feeling before.

Do you think you will be able overcome the fear and do something to change your mind? 


Be present when you need to When our minds are wandering, we can be tempted to get distracted and to make mistakes that may be harmful to ourselves and others.

It may seem that the only way to get things done is to sit down and think about it, or to make a decision that is difficult to change. 

However, we must be willing to change our minds and allow ourselves to be in the moment, to look at things from a different perspective and to ask what is really important.

This is a powerful antidote to the feeling of paralysis that can accompany a lot of worry and anxiety. 


Become aware of your feelings We all experience a lot.

We are not always aware of what is happening around us.

Sometimes it feels like we are being watched.

We do not want to know.

We may not want the answers to our questions, so we may turn to others.

But when we are aware of our feelings, we realize that there is a way to calm ourselves and to stop the pain. 

It is important that we do this consciously and not by accident. 


Know your body’s capabilities and The more we know about our body and our capabilities, the more we are able to choose how to use them.

We know how to walk, how to swim, how we can use our arms, legs and feet, how strong we are, how flexible our bodies are, and how strong our mind is.

We have the ability to learn and adapt.

This can be a powerful tool in overcoming the fears of the world. 


Take time to enjoy your own body and to express yourself We are all born with different bodies.

As we grow up, our bodies become increasingly sensitive to the environment around us and the world around us changes and evolves.

For some people, their bodies become too sensitive.

For others, their body becomes too strong.

For us, our body becomes an extension of ourselves and an extension to ourselves. 


Do not judge others People often tell us that we are special because we have a different body or because we are born with a different language.

We often believe that our differences are due to the fact that we were born differently. 

Some people feel that because they are born differently they are somehow different from us.

This could be true.

But it also can be false. 


Find time for yourself to be active We need to find time for ourselves to grow, learn, grow and grow.

This means we need a place to get our energy, and a space to be ourselves.

A quiet place, a quiet time.

This space may take us away from our loved ones, our children, our friends, our work, and our work. 


Never lose sight of what matters most We often lose sight that what matters the most is the people around us, the things that we care about most, the ones we care most about.

We forget that there are others out there who are suffering.

People are suffering because they do not have the opportunity to have the things they want or need. 


Choose the right words for your heartache When your heart aches, there is nothing more important than choosing the right word to describe it.

When we find a word that describes what we are feeling, it

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