How to spot a stolen bicycle

When it comes to getting a stolen bike back, it’s a lot easier to tell if you’re dealing with a bike thief than it is a bike shop owner who is careless.

This article explains how to spot the difference. 

How to spot stolen bikes How to Spot a stolen Bicycle Bike thieves are always on the move.

They will steal a bike from a stranger, buy it from someone else or even try to steal it from a bicycle shop owner.

They can also take a bike to a place where they can take it and then park it without paying the shop.

But, when you find the bike, the owner can tell you what’s wrong with it, which may help you spot a bike theft.


Identify the owner The easiest way to tell is by identifying the owner.

A thief will often leave a note on a bicycle saying: “The bicycle is yours.

Please take it.”

This could be anything from a short description of the bike to the owner’s full name.

A bike shop or owner may have a list of bikes available online, so it is best to check them out and find out what the owner has.

If you see the bike in the shop or at a bike store, you can ask the owner about it.

If the bike is not yours, you may need to speak to the bike shop, the bike dealer or the owner himself.

This could give you the right information to know if you have a stolen or damaged bike.


Contact the owner A thief who has a bike at a shop can usually be traced.

If a shop owner is found to have been at the shop, you will need to contact them.

The shop owner should provide a description of how the bike was stolen, which is usually written on a sticker or on the bike.

The owner should also tell you the exact location where the bike had been stolen, and where the thief was found.

If your bike has been stolen you should contact police or the police station, but you should not call the police.


Contact your local police station If you find your stolen bike and the owner is still in the same location, the police will likely investigate the theft.

You should ask the police if there’s any way to contact the owner and arrange a meeting.

If possible, the local police should tell you where the owner may be to ensure they are available to investigate the matter.

If it’s too late to contact an owner, the thief may have been waiting in the street, so you can be confident the owner will be available to take your bike back to you.

If not, you should try to get in touch with the owner at the same time you are trying to get your stolen bicycle back.

Police will usually tell you to give your stolen motorcycle to the police, who will then have the bike checked out.

You can also contact the local crime prevention hotline at 1800 333 000, or email [email protected]

If all else fails, you might want to contact your local bicycle shop, or bike dealer, to discuss the bike situation.

If there are any issues with the bike that the shop is not aware of, you could contact the police and let them know.


If an owner is available to give you your stolen Bike How can you tell if the owner of your stolen property is available?

If you suspect that your stolen stolen bike has not been returned, you are able to contact him or her.

The police will tell you whether the owner who gave you the bike has an address, or if he or she is only willing to give a phone number.

If he or her is unwilling to provide you with a phone, the shop owner may not be available, or may not even be aware of where the stolen bike is.

If that’s the case, you’ll need to make a phone call to the shop to try to reach the owner, or contact the bike dealership to see if there are anyone available to return your bike.

If either of those options are not available, you need to call the shop directly to speak with the shop’s owner.

Police can also help you contact the shop if they are unable to reach their owners.


If they’re not available to help you, you’re out of luck If you are unable, or unwilling, to get the bike back from the shop and find the owner for your stolen car, you have two options.

You could contact your GP and ask to see a medical doctor.

The GP can assess your symptoms and advise on the best course of action.

Or, you’d contact the Police.

The Police can issue a warrant to search the shop for the stolen vehicle.

You will need a valid licence and registration to drive a stolen vehicle, so they will need the details of the licence and the registration of the vehicle they want to search.

The search may be conducted on the shop premises or outside the shop on foot, or both.

Police are not always happy

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