Bike helmets can help protect cyclists from falls

Cyclists in Australia and New Zealand are increasingly turning to bicycle helmets, in an effort to protect them from falls.

In New Zealand, a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that helmet use reduces the risk of a cyclist’s head hitting the ground when falling from a height of 40 metres.

In Australia, a survey by the Cycling Australia Foundation found that in 2015, a whopping 70 per cent of cyclists aged 18 to 30 had bought a helmet.

However, while helmets have been around for decades, many Australians are now increasingly using them to prevent falls.

Bicycle training wheelsThe Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Cycling Trends Survey found that over the last year, helmets have become increasingly popular among cycling enthusiasts, with more than half of those surveyed wearing a helmet at least once a week.

The helmets come in a range of styles, from simple, cheap, and basic to fancy and more expensive, which can range from $60-$90 depending on the size and material.

In most cases, helmet use does not mean that cyclists will have to stop, as helmet use is only considered a precaution if they are unable to continue safely.

However in some instances, people are reluctant to buy helmets because they fear the impact it could have on their careers, and they also fear that they could get into trouble with the law for wearing them in public.

Bike pedalsThe pedals are the handlebars of a bicycle.

The pedals have been designed to be used in tandem, meaning that they can be moved by a rider to provide a stable position for pedalling.

Bikes usually have a set of pedals, with the front of the pedals and the rear of the bike.

Pedals have become an increasingly popular option for cyclists who want to take the safety of cycling to the next level.

Cycling Australia, which is a charity that supports the sport of cycling, has a number of bicycle training courses, which offer free classes on all types of cycling.

Some of the courses also offer helmet training, and in some cases, students are given the opportunity to complete the bike training course themselves, if they choose.

The helmet on a bike in New ZealandA helmet is usually attached to the front and rear of a bike, so the pedals can be used to control the bike and to provide stability to the rider.

In many countries, helmets are optional.

However helmets are also sometimes required in some circumstances.

In New Zealand for example, helmets can be worn only at high altitudes, as there are many cyclists who rely on the helmet as a form of safety.

In Australia, helmets may be required at certain events, such as on an Australian Commonwealth Games team.

A bike trainerIn Australia’s most popular cycling training course, the Bicycle Training Centre, students receive their first helmets and are able to use them in the course.

In this course, students learn to ride a bike and are taught to work on the basic riding skills of a novice rider.

The course also includes a helmet class.

There is also a Bike Training Group, which offers a class for new cyclists and a helmet training course for those who have previously ridden bikes.

While helmet use in Australia is increasing, it remains a controversial topic in Australia.

While the Australian Cycling Union (ACU) has been pushing for helmet use since the 1990s, in the past, it has been criticised for being overly cautious.

A few years ago, ACU president Andrew Taylor said that Australia should “think about the safety implications of wearing a bicycle helmet” because cyclists are already at risk.

“It’s like wearing a hat and you have no idea how much more dangerous you are,” Taylor told The Australian newspaper at the time.

“People are getting more and more aware of the danger of wearing helmets, and we have to take it seriously.”

While it’s unclear whether this attitude will change anytime soon, the helmet wearing movement is growing.

Australia’s National Cycling Academy, which promotes cycling in Australia, launched a website in October, in response to the helmet issue.

It has now become a major source of information for cyclists, and the number of cyclists wearing helmets is growing each year.

In an attempt to encourage more people to use helmets, the Australian Bicycle Association (ABCA) has developed a website, helmet safety and support, which has been used by more than 1.3 million people.

Australian Cycling Federation president Craig Kelly said that in Australia’s two-thirds of Australian counties, helmet wearing is legal.

“I think people are aware of that, they are aware that it is a good idea, they just don’t understand how it’s enforced,” Kelly said.

“The reality is that we have a big cycling community, and it’s the first thing people think about when they think about wearing a bike helmet.”

Kelly said the ABCA has received a great deal of support from cyclists, including the use of helmets.

“A lot of our members have actually taken on a bit of a leadership role, and have done some great

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