Recode: How bike paint could revolutionize the way kids paint their bikes

The next generation of bicycle paint has been developed by a group of scientists from Stanford and the University of Chicago, who are working on a device that they hope will improve kids’ paint skills.

They hope that the paint will allow them to create unique, fun-to-draw bicycles that they can ride for fun and explore, rather than just for the sake of it.

The researchers, including the professor of engineering, are hoping the new paint will increase the number of children playing outdoors, so they can paint and explore the outdoors more frequently.

“The goal is to increase the amount of time children can play outdoors, particularly in summer, which we know is the most active time of the year,” said Christopher Huffy, a research scientist at Stanford’s Center for Materials Science.

“We want to increase that outdoor play time so kids can paint their own bikes more often.”

The researchers’ plan is to create a paint-able device that could be used in children’s playgrounds, sporting arenas and schools.

The paint would then be sold in a number of colors, so children could choose which colors they wanted.

The new paint would be designed to mimic the color of the paint they’re using.

“You can get paint like that, but it’s really quite expensive, because it’s a bit of an intricate process,” Huffy said.

“But it could be something we can use in kids’ playgrounds to create some great, fun, playful playgrounds.”

Huffy and his colleagues plan to expand their study to other countries, as well.

He said the paint could also be used to enhance the look of bikes painted in other countries.

“This is just a proof of concept,” Huffys co-author, Robert F. Burdette, said.

“It’s still in early stages, and we’ll be testing the device in other parts of the world.”

Huffys team is using a type of polystyrene, called “dextrin,” which is known for being a natural way to create bike paint.

It’s also known to be a great surface for making bike seat cushions.

They’ve found that this material, as with all paints, has an extremely low melting point, which means it doesn’t stick to objects like bicycle seats or paint.

This creates an incredibly low melting temperature, and as such, it is ideal for creating paints.

It can also be very durable, as it melts at a lower temperature than other paints.

“There are several types of paints that can be used, but the one that we’re looking at is dextrin, and that’s really, really good at what we’re trying to do,” Haley said.

In the study, they tested a variety of paints to see which one was the most durable and most effective.

They found that the best paint was a type called Tritan X.

“They’re super durable, they have great melting point and they’re relatively lightweight, so we thought they would be ideal for making paint,” Hidy said.

Huffies team tested Tritans X in various locations around the world.

They also tested a paint called Rhapsody, which is the same material used in bicycle seats.

Huffy said the new product could be more widely used.

“I think there’s a lot of potential for the paint to be used as a therapeutic ingredient,” he said.

Huffy added that the researchers are looking to use the paint in other kinds of applications.

“We’re also looking at using it in some ways to help kids paint for the first time,” Huffed said.

For more on the research, check out Recode’s website.

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