Can you make a banana seat bicycle?

The world’s first banana seat bike was designed by a man named Bob Stigler.

The seat is made out of plastic tubing, and it’s meant to be used as a backpack.

But the bicycle’s inventor is a bit of a weirdo, as he doesn’t have a license to make bicycles.

His bikes are actually illegal in the United States.

Stigler has said he created the bicycle because he wanted to make a new kind of bicycle.

It’s designed so that you can pedal a bicycle to get to a certain destination.

For example, if you were in New York City and wanted to go to a restaurant in Manhattan, you could ride the bike and pedal from the restaurant to the hotel, and then back to Manhattan.

That way, you’re always getting to where you want to go.

Bob Stig, a bicycle inventor, has made a banana-seat bicycle for himself, which he calls the Bob Stige Bike.

The bike can also be used to pedal to places you wouldn’t normally be able to, like the grocery store or the bar, and Stig said he found the bike’s convenience and versatility to be very appealing.

Stige’s bicycle uses a patented bicycle seat made of plastic, with a basket on top that’s shaped like a banana.

The basket holds a seat tube, which is attached to a plastic handlebar, and a seatpost.

When you pedal on the seat, the seat posts get pushed forward, and you can’t pedal off the seat.

This means the seat has to be attached to the handlebars with a plastic strap.

You put the bicycle in a bucket and put the seat on, and that’s how you’re going to use it.

Bob and his wife, Mary, own the Stige Bicycle Company.

They’ve made bicycles for a few years now, but Bob says that it’s always been about the convenience and the versatility.

“I love bikes, I love being able to do anything, but it’s just been about being able the most fun I can do,” he said.

Stig also says he has never ridden a bike before, and he’s always worried about getting sick.

Bob Stigs bike has been a favorite among the kids.

He rides it to school and to his job at the hardware store.

Stigs wife Mary says Bob’s a fun person to be around.

“He’s always smiling, he’s got a good attitude,” she said.

“He just wants to be out in the world, and to help people.

So, when you walk into the store and see the bike, it just brings joy to everybody.”

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