Bicyclists, joggers, runners, runners running at a time: A reminder to be aware of the dangers

The safety of runners and cyclists is of paramount importance.

While some cyclists may be more cautious than others, it is essential that runners and walkers exercise as a matter of course and with good judgment.

As such, the following advice should be considered when considering the best way to prepare for the upcoming season: 1.

Be sure you are safe.

Running and biking are all activities where there is the potential for injury.

Some runners may have a greater tendency to crash than other runners.

And there is no guarantee that you will be wearing a helmet.

If you are not prepared, you may not be able to go out on a day where the weather is suitable.

But the risk is reduced if you are well-hydrated and prepared.


Wear a helmet when you are running.

Bicycles are not designed to be ridden, so a proper helmet is essential.

You should always wear one with you, at all times.


Do not run in the rain.

A helmet is not a guarantee of good weather.

Wear rain boots or a rain jacket if you can.


Be alert for signs of injury.

Biking, running and swimming are all physical activities.

The risk of injury is always the same: contact with the skin or clothing and contact with another person.

Wear your bicycle helmet if you plan on cycling in the winter or if you will have to cycle during a cold winter.


Wear appropriate protective gear.

Your bicycle helmet should cover the entire face, ears and mouth, with the exception of your eyes.

Protective clothing should also cover the upper arms and hands.


Keep your hands warm when you ride a bicycle.

If the temperature is below freezing, warm up by holding a hand or sock over the head.

This will help keep your hands safe.


Wear safety glasses.

Bikes are not vehicles and do not require protective eyewear to protect them.

Make sure that you have a pair of good quality safety glasses with you.


If your bicycle is stolen, be sure to report the theft to the police.

This is particularly important in areas where there are a high number of bicycle thefts, such as in the summer.


Wear proper protective equipment.

Wear protective clothing when you have access to your bicycle.

Wear good-quality protective clothing if you intend to cycle at night, and use the right type of bicycle helmet.


Wear the correct type of cycling helmet.

Make the most of the protective features of the bicycle helmet by wearing a pair with a good eye protection and a helmet that is not too bulky or too heavy.

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