Bicycle tire sizes to be lowered from 12- to 8-inches in 2020

A big change is coming to the way bicycle tires are measured in Canada.

A report released Tuesday by the Canada’s Bicycle Industry Association (CIA), says tire sizes will be lowered in 2020 from 12.5 to 8.75 inches.

The report says tire size measurements will be based on a 3-point measurement system that will be used in the next two years.

According to the report, measuring the size of tires on bicycles will also be simplified in 2020.

“The current method of measuring tire size has many limitations,” said Cara Mein, the CIA’s vice-president for research and policy.

Mein says the tire size measurement system, currently used in Ontario, is not uniform in Ontario.

Instead of using a two-point system, Mein says measuring the diameter of a tire is the most common way to do it in Ontario as well as in other provinces.

While Mein expects some of the problems to be fixed, the report says the changes will take time to be rolled out across the country.

CIA’s chief scientific officer, Andrew LeBlanc, says the reduction of tire size will help consumers make better decisions about the size and shape of their bicycle.

LeBlanc says the change is expected to help bike sales.

“The tire size reduction will increase the volume of bicycles sold in Ontario by over 15 percent, while the cost of the bike is expected by up to 15 percent,” he said in a news release.

Canada is the only country that uses three-point measuring systems for tire sizes.

In addition to lowering tire sizes for all bikes, the government is also expected to make the following changes to how it calculates mileage.

It will also offer new fuel-efficient models to help drivers get more mileage.

A major change will be the addition of a two points-based system for tire size.

All drivers, including motorists, will now be required to use a two point system to determine tire size, according to the Cia report.

This will include both the diameter and the length of a rim.

The new system will be more accurate than current methods, according the report.

“By adding these two points, the tires will become more consistent across the entire tire range,” Mein said.

However, there are still some roadblocks to the change.

For example, there’s still a long way to go before all vehicles will be required under the new system to use two points for tire measurement.

And Mein acknowledged that the changes could take time.

“We are anticipating that some of these issues may take longer than others to resolve,” she said.

“But our goal is to make sure that Canadians get more effective and cost-effective options for the way they travel and the ways they live.”

While the Ciaca report says that tire sizes are to be reduced in 2020, the actual reduction will be much quicker than the reduction in size.

Mein cautions that the change won’t take effect until 2025, but that’s when new cars, trucks and other vehicles will have to be certified to use the new measurement system.

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