Bicycle seat cover in Italy’s most expensive city

On the morning of November 6, 2018, a bike rider in the town of Pavia was waiting for his ride to Pavia Station, a commuter rail station that connects Pavia to Rome.

“We just had a problem with the front tyre,” he says, as he pulls his bike up on the platform.

“The bike was not going right and I could not see it because it was covered in mud.

I could see that the tyre was broken.

I said to myself: ‘What do I do?'”

The man then picked up his bike and rode back to the station, where he called the police.

It was the second time in a week that he had been in trouble with the law in Pavia, and he was fined.

But the police officer did not take any action.

“It was not the first time,” he recalls.

“I was in the same situation a year ago, when I was riding my bike on the railway station.

I did not get the message.

I was still driving.

It did not bother me.

I felt that I had the right to do what I did.

It is very important for the cyclists that the police do not take action against them.”

After being fined, the man was not allowed to continue his trip.

“There is a law in Italy that gives you three days to make a complaint,” he explains.

“And the reason why is that you cannot do anything in front of the station or you will not be allowed to use the platform.”

“There was a lot of traffic” When I ask the man what happened to him, he answers: “It is a matter of common sense, because it is not normal that you are caught in traffic, and you have to stop and look.”

“The first time I was caught, the police said: ‘You are not allowed on the street.

It’s a criminal offence.'”

The second time, he says the officer took him to the police station and told him: “You are under arrest, you have been arrested.”

“But I did nothing wrong,” he continued.

“In Italy, you are not even allowed to do something like that.

I had to pay the fine and I did, but I was not charged.

I think they have no other option.”

In Italy, it is a crime to make noise.

If you are in a crowd and make a noise, the law does not allow you to be punished.

But it is up to the courts to decide if the noise was not loud enough to be considered criminal.

“They tell you that you can be fined and your bicycle can be seized, but in my case it was fine, but it was not enough,” the man says.

The police officer does not take the man’s story seriously.

“No, you do not have to worry,” he replies.

“But you have the responsibility to keep your bicycle properly.

They did not charge me for it.

I have no idea why.

The only reason why I was charged was because the bike was covered with mud.”

This is the second incident in the last two years of the year in Pavias railway station, which has seen several cyclists injured.

In January 2018, there was a cyclist injured on the tracks, which led to a traffic jam for nearly two hours.

Two other cyclists were also injured.

According to the Metropolitan police, the number of accidents in the area has increased since then, with the police now issuing more tickets to cyclists.

“This is a very dangerous area for cyclists,” says the man.

“Cyclists are a danger for other drivers as well, especially the drivers of small cars.”

In Pavia alone, there were 10 fatalities between January and March 2018.

“On my way home from work on the night of February 17, I was hit by a car and died.

I just happened to have a bicycle,” he tells me.

“People do not stop and think, but they try to avoid these accidents.”

It is difficult to get a reliable count of how many people have been injured on roads in Italy.

But in Pavía, according to the local police, there have been around 10 fatal accidents in recent years, many of which are attributed to drivers who do not see the cyclist.

“When you are driving a car, you see your passengers and you think: ‘This is the safest way to go, to go straight ahead.

This is a safe road, there is no danger.

“If you have a broken bicycle, you will hear a policeman or a passer-by shouting, ‘The driver is speeding’. “

And they do not listen,” the police source continues.

“If you have a broken bicycle, you will hear a policeman or a passer-by shouting, ‘The driver is speeding’.

You are going too fast.”

This year, the Italian government launched a “Bicycle Safety” campaign in March.

The campaign is based on a law introduced in Italy in the 1990s, which stipulates that every cyclist in the country must wear a bicycle helmet

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