How to ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle with a kid

It’s not easy.

Riding a Harley will make you feel like a king, a badass, a legend, or a total badass.

And while riding one will definitely help you stay alive and happy, it’s not the easiest bike ride out there.

Here are some of the best and hardest riding bikes around, in no particular order. 


Harley Davidson Z400 Harley Davidson (1986) The most expensive bike in Harley Davidson’s history, the Z400 is a great bike for the money.

While the Z40 is a solid, solid bike for a $2,000 purchase, the bike’s price tag is a little over $30,000. 

In 1986, Harley Davidson unveiled the Z 400, the first motorcycle to feature a front-mounted rear suspension.

The Z400 was a very good bike for what it was: a budget-friendly, easy-to-ride motorcycle with enough muscle to hold its own in a street race, and a good seat that kept the bike stable when you needed it.

Harley’s first bike, the original Z400, was sold in 1985. 

When it came time to build the Z800, Harley decided to go with a more modern design, one that featured more carbon fiber, which made it lighter and more agile. 


Harley V-Max (1993) There is a reason why the Z-Max is considered the ultimate in road and dirt bike styling.

While it is a superb bike, it also has the capability of being a monster.

Harley took its best elements of the V-max and took them further. 

The V-MAX is one of Harley’s most recognizable and recognizable motorcycles, and that is what makes it such a great road bike.

The V-mx design has helped Harley to stay competitive with other American manufacturers, like Kawasaki, while at the same time staying ahead of them in some of their design trends. 

It’s not often you see a motorcycle designed to be a motorcycle, and not a motorcycle at all. 


Harley Thunderbird (2002) While the Thunderbird is a fun, fun bike, one thing that makes it a bit of a must-have is that it is not just a good bike. 

For one, it is one the best motorcycles to drive in America. 

But what makes the Thunderbirds so fun?

Harley made sure that the Thunderhawk would have the horsepower to take on the likes of the Ducati Scrambler, Yamaha FZ, and Suzuki GSX-R1000, and it has plenty of that power. 

As a result, you’ll be riding the Thunderberg on every single race day. 


Harley Hawk (2010) It is a true shame that the Hawk isn’t on this list, but the Hawk is a truly fantastic motorcycle. 

Hawk has been one of the top manufacturers of bikes in America for years, and the Hawk has been a mainstay of the Harley brand since the early 2000s. 

Although the Hawk’s production runs are shorter than the Vultures, it still produces some of Harleys most iconic bikes. 

At its heart, the Hawk motorcycle is a street bike that will take on any road course, whether you are in a race or not. 


Harley Z-1000 (1999) This motorcycle is the perfect example of a motorcycle that can be ridden for years on end. 

Because of its design, it can be used as a daily commuter, as a weekend ride, or as a long-distance travel machine. 

There are two models of the Z1000, the “Z1000C” and “Z-1000E.” 

The Z-1001, the most common model, is the one that is most often ridden, and will be the one you see every weekend. 

While not the most expensive motorcycle, the average Z-1 has a price tag of $2.5 million, which is nearly three times the price of a comparable Harley Davidson bike.

In fact, the VULTURE is one more bike that you’ll see every Sunday at the track. 


Harley Super Bee (1994) When Harley decided not to produce the Super Bee, they didn’t necessarily stop making them. 

Instead, they made a lot of them.

Harley has sold over 100,000 Super Bikes over the years, all of which were the Super Bays. 

These bikes have been a major influence in Harley’s evolution, and Harley’s new Super Bee model will likely be the last Harley Superbike you will ever ride. 


Harley Raptor (1996) If you’ve been following Harley’s development for a while, you probably know that the Raptor was introduced in 1996. 

Originally, the Raptors main purpose was as a track bike, and they eventually moved into road racing, but that didn’t happen until they got into the motorcycle market. 

That’s where the Rapt

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